websitelogoCome join us in Richmond, VA this Memorial Day Weekend.

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“Vibrant city, happy people, kickass dancing.”

We want you.

Yes, you. Why? Think of RLX like a recipe for a cake: we need some sunshine, a heap of good jazz, and a healthy dose of goofiness. But what’s the most important ingredient? Great people to share those things with. That’s why we want you to join us.

In addition to hosting dances with fantastic live and DJ’ed music, RLX is known for our brewery dance on Saturday afternoon, and our Sunday Funday with games, popsicles, and a moonbounce. Really.

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We couldn’t get enough of Russ Wilson and his Swingtette last year, so we’re bringing them back a second year in a row! They’ll be playing their Dixieland and Swing standards both Friday and Saturday nights and will be sure to keep you grooving. Better start stretching now.

More on The Russ Wilson Swingtette: Russ Wilson has been called the Paul Whiteman of the 21st century by fellow musicians and fans alike. Not just because he bares uncanny resemblance to the portly 20’s and 30’s dance band leader, but because of the style of music his orchestra plays. Since 1989, Russ has drummed and vocalized on 35 albums- 8 of those being his own projects.

His swingtette is a smaller version of the Nouveau-Passe Orchestra– same great vintage music with half the calories! The Russ Wilson Swingtette plays the music that he grew up listening to: vintage jazz and dance band music of the 20’s and 30’s. With a mixture of Dixieland and swing standards, they are sure to please everyone.

Looking for more? Head to Russ’ website¬†or check out his radio show “In the Groove!” at WPVM 103.7 The Voice.



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