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2018 DJs

Our all-star team of DJs is going to keep you swingin’ through band breaks, late nights, and our outdoor dances. This team is A++++

Get ready for sets by Suzanne Ducker, Mimi Liu, Michael Quisao, Erica Vess,
Omar Myers and Qui Nguyen! 

A little background on our talented staff:

Suzanne Ducker

Suzanne started out ballroom dancing (WHAT?!) in South Carolina in 2004 and continued with it through college, competing and teaching. After some nudging from a friend, she went swing dancing for the first time in 2014 and was completely addicted from the very first swing out! Soon after, she began traveling for lindy events. Suzanne started djing in November of 2014 as DJ Suzy-Q, and hasn’t looked back since. Her sets are playful and sure to get you swinging out hard! Since she moved to the DC area, she’s been enjoying djing at the Jam Cellar, the DC Balboa Club, and Back Room Blues. You may have caught one of her sets at Lindy Focus, PittStop Lindy Hop, SOHK, or DCLX. She can’t wait to return to the dj crew at RLX! (photographer credit: Jerry Almonte)

Mimi Liu

After the Lindy bug bit her good in 2010, swing, jazz, and blues have found permanent residences in Mimi’s heart and she likes it that way! She plays music that inspires you to move and brings out the creativity in you, making sure you’re feeling all sorts of good by the end of her set! (photographer credit: Steve Kim)

 Michael Quisao

Michael Quisao hails from Dallas, TX and is based out of Washington, DC. After growing up as a wallflower at school dances, Michael took his first swing dance lesson in 2006 and has been captivated by swinging jazz and social dancing ever since. His love of swing music and social dancing has taken him across the country to dance, compete, teach, and DJ for dancers; he strives to share the joys of swing dance and swinging rhythm with everybody he meets. Michael believes that the music is the heart of the dance. Michael has DJ’d for dancers at All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, DCLX, I *Heart* Bal, The Balboa Experiment, and is the Head DJ at the Jam Cellar in Washington, DC. (photographer credit: Voon Chew)

Erica Vess

Artist, DJ, studio owner, and the mastermind behind I *Heart* Balboa*, Erica Vess wears many hats (literally and figuratively), but her most important job is keeping you on the dance floor. With an ear for danceability, a keen sense of pacing, and a heapin’ helping of good-time nerdiness, Erica’s musical Kung Fu is strong. In addition to spinning tunes at Richmond’s regular weekly dances, she has been a featured DJ at Lindy Focus, Jammin’ on the James, The Lindustrial Revolution, and Beantown Camp. Erica loves to take dancers on a journey: her idea of the perfect set is a cross between a swingin’ speakeasy and a rockin’ juke joint, with an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesome on the side. Hey y’all, pass the gravy! (photographer credit: Jordan Justus-Herring)

Omar Myers

Omar has been collecting music for Blues, Swing, and Soul since he was a lil dude. It wasn’t until after he started Lindy Hop did he decide to start getting people to dance. He began DJing in 2010. Since then, he has left-clicked tunes all over the world, in such locations as, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Seoul. Currently, he is a regular DJ in the DC/Baltimore area.

Qui Nguyen

Long before setting foot on her first dance floor, Qui has always been in search of good music. From scouting out local shows, to digging through dusty record store crates, her motto was, if it moved her, it was good music. So, it was quite natural for her to fall in love with swing music and swing dancing. A lover of the music first, and the movement a close second, you can always catch her listening and dancing close to the bandstand at any number of swing, balboa or blues events. You might even find her behind the DJ booth, either in her hometown of Richmond, VA, or at dance events throughout the region.