2017 DJs (stay tuned for our 2018 lineup!)

Our all-star team of DJs is going to keep you swingin’ through band breaks, late nights, and our outdoor dances. You should probably sit down before you read through this list…

Get ready for sets by Abigail Browning, Brad Nathanson, Dave Barry, Erica Vess, Kevin Kim,  Laura Windley, Qui Nguyen, AND Suzanne Ducker.


Abigail Browning

       Rigamarole…Pure Rigamarole. Aba loves swing music. As a trained classical pianist and lover of all genres of music, Abigail Browning has developed a sweet spot in her heart for Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, and the great big bands of the 20th century. Her motto is simple — “just play good music.”  She enjoys feeling out the flow and energy of the dance floor and challenging her dancers with music that appeals to all styles of swing.You’ll see a smile on her face when she plays a hot tune that gets everybody jumpin’, and she has been known to start a jam or two.  You’ll also see a smile on her face when you ask her to dance ;-D.

Brad Nathanson

       Brad began swing dancing in 1998 after seeing the movie “Swingers” and thinking to himself “If they can teach Jon Favreau how to dance like that, surely I have a shot at it!” He (Brad) fell in love with it, and started DJing in his home town of Charlotte, NC in 2011. Since then he has been named the resident DJ for GottaSwing Charlotte, and played at many events around town including at the Mint Museum, UNC Charlotte, Queens University, and the Taste of Charlotte festival. He has DJed at the Frim Fram Jam in NYC, The Jam Cellar in Washington, DC,  The Lindy Lab in Durham, NC, as well as at the Virginia Beach Lindy Exchange, Frankie 100 NC, Cool Cat Corner, Greenville Lindy Exchange, and Down South Camp Meeting. “I love finding new swing music,” Brad said last year in an interview with himself. “There’s no greater thrill than watching dancers scurry across the floor because they just haaaaave to find someone to dance with. Hey, watch where you’re putting that microphone!”

Dave Barry

       Dave first cut his DJ chops at the Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore under the stressful and terrifying tutelage of Michael Seguin and Sarah Sullivan. Completing the circle of life, he now runs the Jazz Den in Richmond, Virginia so he can yell at his own DJs. Dave’s music can only be described as having “oomph” starting with classic swing and ending with a groovy twist. He is not associated with the humor columnist from the Miami Herald but is happy to do book signings anyway.

Erica Vess

       Artist, DJ, studio owner, and the mastermind behind I *Heart* Balboa*, Erica Vess wears many hats (literally and figuratively), but her most important job is keeping you on the dance floor. With an ear for danceability, a keen sense of pacing, and a heapin’ helping of good-time nerdiness, Erica’s musical Kung Fu is strong. In addition to spinning tunes at Richmond’s regular weekly dances, she has been a featured DJ at Lindy Focus, Jammin’ on the James, The Lindustrial Revolution, and Beantown Camp. Erica loves to take dancers on a journey: her idea of the perfect set is a cross between a swingin’ speakeasy and a rockin’ juke joint, with an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesome on the side. Hey y’all, pass the gravy!

Kevin Kim

       Kevin decided to try DJing because he wanted to dance to particular songs he came across and enjoyed, and thought other people might like them too. Joke’s on him, because now he likes DJing so much that he rarely dances during one of his own sets. He resides in the lost underwater city of Atlanta where he’s part of the regular DJ rotation at swing and blues dances. You can hear him play a little bit of everything during one of his sets, from chunky, gritty sounds of New Orleans to hard hitting, hard swinging Kansas City style jazz. Kevin has been invited to DJ at many events across the South East, happy to share his musical findings with all dancers.

Laura Windley

       Laura began DJ’ing in Greenville, NC in 2001 for the yet-to-be-formed ECU Swing Dance Club, chosen by default because she had the most swing CDs (which, at the time, was about 10). Since then, her music collection has expanded greatly to become a joyous selection of swinging music. She loves female vocalists, bouncy instrumental tunes, songs with lyrics that make her laugh, and, above all, hot trombone solos.

Qui Nguyen

Long before setting foot on her first dance floor, Qui has always been in search of good music. From scouting out local shows, to digging through dusty record store crates, her motto was, if it moved her, it was good music. So, it was quite natural for her to fall in love with swing music and swing dancing. A lover of the music first, and the movement a close second, you can always catch her listening and dancing close to the bandstand at any number of swing, balboa or blues events. You might even find her behind the DJ booth, either in her hometown of Richmond, VA, or at dance events throughout the region.   

Suzanne Ducker

       Suzanne started out ballroom dancing in South Carolina in 2004 and continued with it through college, competing and teaching. After some nudging from a friend, she went swing dancing for the first time in 2014 and was completely addicted from the very first swing out! Soon after, she began traveling for lindy events. Suzanne started djing in November of 2014 as DJ Suzy-Q, and hasn’t looked back since. Her sets are playful and sure to get you swinging out hard! Since she moved to the DC area, she’s been enjoying djing at the Jam Cellar, the DC Balboa Club, and Back Room Blues. You may have caught one of her sets at CHEX, Holy City Blues, Lindy Focus, or DCLX. She can’t wait to be a part of RLX!